Photo Booth

New! Starting in 2014, we introduced our photo booth. It has been a big hit for us and our customers. We use an “open photo shoot” style. This offers a couple advantages to a standard photo booth. One, it is more portable and easier to set up and two, it allows for more than 2 people to be in a picture. That means you take an intimate couple picture or a 10+ person celebration picture.  
Our photo booth is self-serving as well. The camera is controlled by a small remote with a button that the user presses when he/she is ready to take the picture. The preview photo image can be seen on a monitor that is right in front of the user.

Also, with our custom software you can have access to high quality images via our website the night of your event to share with your friends and social media.


Photo Booth
Photo booth price alone is $500 for 6 hours. If you are already purchasing DJ services for an event, the charge for the photo booth add-on is $350. If you do not require 6 hours a lower price can be negotiated.

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